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You can now appear on Google Ad space and start reaching users with Universal App Campaigns within 2 minutes.

Why Advertise Through Spingle?

A platform so easy, everyone can use it.

Create & promote Universal App Campaigns on Google, effectively. 

Forget marketing agencies and chaotic advertising interfaces. Spingle can help you achieve app growth fast by giving you instant access to display your Ad on premium Google properties and cost-effective, automated solutions suitable for your budget.

In Spingle, you’ll find all the appropriate tools to succeed, from creating your campaign to optimising towards your in-app goal. Start your campaigns within 2 minutes and scale your app massively at no extra effort, knowledge, or risk.

Your Ad will appear on the right placements

Easily create your Google Universal App Campaign

Spingle allows you to start advertising within a matter of minutes. Just answer a few simple questions, set your budget goals and launch! Worrying about what texts & keywords should your Ad include? Our system will make proven-to-work recommendations to ensure a better conversion rate for your Ad.

No clicks? No cost

Google charges you every time a user clicks on your Ad. Spingle assists your advertising efforts by providing coherent reports for effective ad optimisation & creative tools for increasing conversion rates, ensuring an exceptional brand presence within Google’s precious Ad space.

How it works

1. Sign Up

Sign up on our platform using your Email or Google Account. 

2. Set your goals

Use our Quickstart guide to create your Ad, set your Install Price Goal and prepare for launch.

3. Enable your Ad

Spingle will automate every step of the process. All you have to do is enable the created Ad.

Frequently Asked Questions

technology that helps you scale

Currently, the full range of Spingle’s services are provided to its users for free. As new features & tools are being introduced, some of them might come as part of a pricing bundle.

Using the Spingle platform is Free of charge. The funds for running the advertising campaigns need to be added to the relevant Google Ads accounts via Google Ads platform (through one of the payments methods supported by Google Ads).

Each Ad needs some textual assets ( a brief description of the app and a headline) while there is the option to include an image or a video that’ll be used to expand the range of Google properties your Ad will be displayed to.
Spingle assists you in recommending relevant texts & images for your Ad, prioritizing conversion success.

The Ads are displayed to mobile device users all over the world when they use Google Search, Gmail, YouTube and Google’s Display Network.

Via Spingle you can only promote iOS and Android mobile apps that are already available on iTunes and Google Play app stores.

Once you specify the necessary information and get the campaign started in Spingle, the campaign is created and enabled in Google Ads. Then, if you navigate to Google Ads, search for the particular campaign and check the campaign’s configuration and reported data, you’ll observe that the campaign is running on the Google Placements you have specified using our API Integration with Google.

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